7. ‘Urgency’ and ‘scarcity’ as part of your funnel strategy

The Robora · ‘Urgency’ and ‘scarcity’ as part of your funnel strategyIn all the time we have been selling courses, one thing has become very clear.

If you don’t create a sense of ‘buy now or miss out’, hardly anyone will get their card out and buy what you’re selling.

Whenever we launch a new course, we do it with an ‘early bird discount’ which expires on a certain date. And there is always a flurry of sales just before the deadline. Then we open sales up again until the start date (another deadline). Again, we have a flurry of sales just before the start date – people don’t want to miss out.


This genuine ‘urgency’ and ‘scarcity’ (as it’s referred to in the marketing world) has worked incredibly well for us.

The issue is that you have to close and reopen sales throughout the year, and it would be nice if you didn’t have to do that. The other issue is that you only get the sales period (for us it’s usually three weeks) to test your ads and your landing pages. There’s no time to test and perfect all the different components, and to improve things over time.

Another option

You can use the timers in ClickFunnels that I have mentioned (I’m sure that other landing page software has this feature). 

You can offer a discount at the end of your sales video/section, but explain that this discount will only be available on this page until the timer runs to zero. Don’t give them too long or they won’t act – between 24 and 48 hours is enough depending on your strategy.

In ClickFunnels, you can set the timer to redirect to another landing page, where it says ‘sorry, this offer has expired’.

The benefit to this ‘timer urgency’ strategy is that you can keep it running – keep sending people to your funnel with your ads – and you can improve it over time.

At the time of writing this, we haven’t been using this strategy for very long. And at this point in time the ‘early-bird’ discount and start date strategy has massively won in terms of sales. 

The timer strategy doesn’t seem as powerful (convincing people to act) as the ‘start date’ strategy – perhaps people just don’t believe it in the same way. But it has been profitable and has given us a solid base on which to improve our ads, sales pages and emails as we learn what people are responding to best.