6. Exercise

Write the copy for your Facebook ad, film the ad videos and get everything ready before you create your campaign

  1. Write two or three different copy options for testing. Make them quite different to help you determine what is working when you analyse results.
  2. Write a script for your ad videos. We normally do two variations, and for each variation we do a long version (up to one minute for the feeds), and a short version (up to 15 seconds for Stories).
  3. Practise and shoot your videos. We like shooting our ad videos in portrait so they work well with Stories.
  4. After you have shot your videos, upload them to Rev to get those captions. (Other caption services are available).
  5. Select a couple of images, ready for your ads.

Once it’s all up and running, you’ll need to tweak different steps, once you’ve seen what’s working and what’s not. Refer back to the videos in topic 7 for help with this.