4. Exercises

Listen here:

Exercise 1: Design your packages

How many packages will you offer?

Three is a good number.

They could increase in price. So one is a more basic service, for a lower fee, and then work your way up to your incredible highest value service.


  1. Name the packages.
  2. Write the copy, explaining what you’re offering.
  3. Decide what you’re charging for each package.

Exercise 2: Financial logistics

Then decide…

How you will collect the fee.

Exercise 3: The legal stuff

Have you got a contract to send clients? Or clear T&Cs in place? If not, get that sorted.

Exercise 4: Confidence-boosting exercise

Remember, when launching your new package, why it is SO GOOD.

Keep that in mind.

The doubt may try to slip in: You can’t charge that much! No one will ever pay it! Who do you think you are? 

Tell the doubt to fuck off.

Do that by completing these sentences (say it out loud, write it out, set them as reminders in your phone to go off every two hours):

People want to work with me because I am [insert positive adjective] at my job.

I know this because ….

From working with me, they will gain ….

Once the work is complete, they will be [insert positive adjective]

They will leave a testimonial saying: “…….”