4. Don’t make Facebook angry and get your account suspended

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Before your start creating ads on Facebook, this is really important…

I’m going to run you through a few things that could get your ads rejected, or worse still, get your Facebook account suspended.

This might sound a bit boring but we highly recommend that you have a quick read of the Facebook advertising policies: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads.

There are lots of obvious, common sense areas that will get ads rejected. But we’re going to explain the less obvious areas that could get your ads disapproved or penalised – leading to higher ad costs. Every time we create an ad, we run them through this rule filter.

An important thing to remember when creating an ad, is that Facebook doesn’t want ads that annoy people. Facebook isn’t going to take your money if your ads irritate its users, because this would create a bad association with ads on the site in general. So a lot of the rules that we abide by are based on this logic…

  1. Pop-ups. Facebook doesn’t like it when you have pop-up boxes on your website. The type of pop-up it dislikes the most is the one that pops up when you hover over the exit button. That could get your account suspended. But it’s also a good idea to switch off email subscriber pop-ups while you’re running ads. Don’t just do this for Facebook, do it for yourself: you don’t want to annoy your potential customers coming from an ad by shoving a barrier in their face. A pop-up like this could affect the cost of your ad too.
  2. Exaggerating the benefits of your product: Be careful that you’re not using over-the-top language to describe the benefits to the customer. Don’t make out you have an easy solution to a problem. Be factual and measured, even if one of your customers saw incredible results – it might not be the same for everyone.
  3. Targeting: Don’t make your ads sound targeted, it might freak people out. So don’t target people who’ve just had a baby with an ad that says: “congratulations on the birth of your baby”.
  4. Copy in the image: If you use an image in your ad, don’t cover more than 20% with text.
  5. Links: make sure that the links that you use in your ads actually go where they’re supposed to go. And make sure that if there’s a sequence of web pages that you’re using as part of a funnel, they all connect up and work correctly.
  6. Excessive punctuation or capital letters: Go easy on the exclamation marks etc.
  7. Words. Below is a list of words that you either shouldn’t use or should use sparingly. You’ll notice that a lot of them relate to the rules outlined above. Note: ‘You’ and ‘your’ are tricky to avoid but we always try to find a way to reduce them if we can.

Facebook ads policy isn’t just relevant to your ads, by the way, it’s also relevant to your landing pages –  so consider everything mentioned in this section in relation to your landing pages too.

A side-note on that point: on your landing page, include footer links to your ‘contact’, ‘privacy policy’ and your ‘terms and conditions’. If you don’t, your ads could be disapproved. And get a ‘cookies consent‘ message popping up. Here’s what Facebook say about it.

Some of the words that could cause ad rejections and higher costs:

Remember that the Facebook algorithm will pick up on these words if they are on your landing page, not just in your ad.








Financial freedom

Work from home



Laptop lifestyle

Quit your job


Any swear words


Alcohol (and associated words)






Numbers (500k for example)


Weight loss