3. Images and captions for your Facebook ads

Listen here:

You don’t have people’s attention for long with a Facebook ad. It pops up. They see the image or video. If they like it, they may click in. If they don’t, they will scroll right on. So, let’s talk about the image…

If it’s very much you and your voice teaching the course – a really good, high res professional shot of you; maybe a lifestyle one rather than corporate-looking headshot – might do well.

Equally, if it’s a business skill you’re sharing – a lifestyle shot without you in it might also capture people’s attention (eg. one of those cool desks with a laptop open, cup of coffee and some nice stationery, for instance).

If your course helps participants to create something physical – like bread, macrame, a cake – a photo of the type of product they’ll learn to make should be enticing. Equally, if it’s a yoga course – one of you doing the poses could draw them in.

But what’s best is to trial different images.

When I was selling membership spaces for The Robora we trialled two images in the Facebook ad…

If I had been asked to put money on which one would do best? I’d have chosen the first. It felt calm to me, maybe more aspirational. But I would have lost the bet because the second image massively out-performed the first.

So we took the ad with the first photo out of the ad set and put all the budget on the second image. I shared this experience on Instagram and people said they felt the second image was more fun and inviting – with the arm extended.

Anyway, you’ve got to try different images because you might have an idea about what people want but it won’t always be right.

Video captions

As I explained in the last topic, instead of having a leading image, you can have a short video, just one minute for videos that will show on the Facebook/Instagram feeds, and 15 seconds for videos that appear in Instagram and Facebook Stories. This gives people an opportunity to see you chatting, and they will get to know you a little bit.

Captions are imperative. We find the best way to add captions is using Rev.com. This generates an SRT file for your video captions, and you upload this, alongside your video, in ads manager.