3. Exercises: Naming your course and confidence-building

I’d like you to decide two things –

  1. What your course is going to be about.
  2. What it’s going to be called.

Tip: It might help to have a good think about what people come to you for advice about. What questions do they ask? Could one of these questions actually become the name of your course (eg. How do I take amazing photos on my iPhone?). 

Next, I’d like you to ask three people what they think about the name and subject. That might be your partner, parent and a friend – or take to social media and ask all your followers/friends. You could also soundboard the idea in the Facebook group.

Confidence exercise

In case at any point you feel worried that your idea isn’t good enough, or that you’re not the right person to run your course, or that no one will be interested – there are three sentences that I’d like you to complete.

Write out your answers, in full, and put them up in your office or bedroom. Keep returning to them in moments of doubt.

  1. I am running a course about ………………..
  2. I’m able to do this because I am an expert in ………………….
  3. People will want to join my course because they know I’m good at ………………..

(By the way, until I launched my online PR course, I’d never have called myself a PR ‘expert’. But I’ve decided to now claim this and include it in the course blurb. If I can do it and I can teach it – I am an expert. Claim your subject too.)