3. A note on webinars

You may have heard of or even signed up to a few webinars. Webinars are basically much longer ‘free video workshops’ which require a commitment, by a potential customer, to a specific time and date, on which the webinar will take place (unlike a free video, which can be watched instantly). 

You can create webinars for courses/programmes ranging between £300 to £5000 and beyond.

The fact that webinars require a commitment of a time and date, but also the fact that they are much longer than a video workshop, means there are usually fewer people signing up than there would be to a free video, but the people who come out the other end are usually closer to a buying decision. 

When your course/programme is higher in price, more time is needed to build that relationship with your potential customers – to warm them up. And a webinar is one of the options for doing this.

And as with the free video workshop option, you can guide people towards making an instant purchase or, if the price is higher and a phone call is needed, you can guide them to ‘book a call’.

And another thing about webinars: although you can record them live, with a live audience watching and interacting, you can also take that live recording, and automate it. This means that the same live recording can be played over and over again, and can be automated so that people are signing up, watching the webinar, and hopefully buying your course or booking calls, without you having to do a thing.

We are developing a webinar training part of this programme, which will be available soon. But for now, we are teaching the ‘direct to offer’ and ‘free video workshop’ options. These two options have worked so incredibly well for us, and they’re easier to set up.

Another thing to remember is that all the messaging and the way you would structure the content of a ‘free video’ is very similar to a webinar. A webinar is just longer (60-90mins as opposed to 10-30mins for the free video). And for a webinar, the software you have to use is quite different.