2. What is content?

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The word ‘content’ springs up all over the internet so much so that I sometimes go: what even is content? I get confused. So, to be clear, when I’m talking about ‘content’, I’m referring to written, video and audio material that you’re sharing online. This could be…

Blog posts

Instagram posts

Linkedin posts

Facebook posts

IGTV videos

Medium articles

Podcast episodes

The idea with good content is that you are giving something away. So you’re not saying: I HAVE AN AMAZING COURSE AND HERE’S 75% OFF. Instead, you’re saying: I have expert knowledge in my field, let me share snippets of it. Let me entertain you, educate you, give you an exercise to do that will help you in some way.

Because even when you’re offering a huge discount, you are still asking for something. You are still selling. Whereas good content is free. It asks nothing of the receiver. It’s a gift.

But the most important thing with your content is that is it NICHE.

So if you’re a yoga teacher, all the posts you share should surround yoga, fitness, wellbeing, health, the body. It should all be in-keeping with your umbrella field of yoga.

If you’re a coach, your posts should offer exercises to get people thinking about their lives, and tips for overcoming difficult work/life situations.

A cook will share recipes, cooking hacks, stories about food and eating, memories, maybe body image information if that’s relevant to their work.

The reason you need to keep your content focused on your area of expertise is that you want the people who follow you to follow you for that reason.

You don’t want some people ‘liking’ your Instagram posts because they love dogs and yours is peppered across your grid – although your area of expertise is copywriting. And then others waiting to see the cakes you’ve baked that you share on your Facebook page, even though your subject is finance.

Because when you have a scattered, inconsistent following, you can’t sell to them.

And you’re here because you want to sell.

So instead, by sharing very specific posts, all in the same field of interest, you get people following you because they are interested in that. And then, when you say: ‘by the way, I’ve launched an online course on this subject’ – they will be more likely to sign up.