2. Pains, gains and messaging Copy

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Pain points

In terms of both reaching your ideal clients, and understanding why they’d want to work with you, it can help to understand their ‘pain points’. So this means the areas where they are struggling, and that you can help them with.

They want to feel understood. You need to prove that you do, indeed, understand them.

I run a course teaching people how to start a business. I know that my target customers are women, and they often have a lot of caring responsibilities (for children, elderly parents). So ‘time’ is a pain point. They don’t have much spare time.

This means in my messaging, it’s important to explain that my online courses are self-paced and can be accessed in the course participant’s own time. They don’t have to log in at a particular time. This eases the pressure on an already ‘under pressure’ woman.

Another ‘pain point’ is confidence. Women often come to my courses with knowledge, wisdom and amazing skills. But they don’t feel hugely confident in what they can offer others. So in that same course, I have an entire module on confidence.

I’m acknowledging that this is a legitimate barrier, and that so many of us find confidence to be a stumbling block. We’re desperate to design a new career but wonder if we’ll ever be able to make it work. Or what our partners will think. Or our mums.

I’d encourage you to list as many ‘pain points’ as you can for your ideal client. What are they struggling with, and how can you help them?


This is about what your clients want to gain from working with you. So it might be to earn more money, feel better in their body, improve their mental health. Perhaps they want help with the direction their life is taking, to have support while making big decisions. Maybe it’s creative: they’d like to learn a new skill, or to improve their home/wardrobe styling.

So as well as thinking about the challenges your client is facing, you need to also think about where they’d like to get to with your help.


Once you understand your clients’ pains and gains, you need to start working it into your messaging.

For instance, I know that a lot of my following, and the people signing up for this programme, are time-poor. So I designed this programme to be detailed and comprehensive, but presented in bitesized topics. And with the audio option, for those who want to learn-on-the-go.

When I was posting on Instagram about the programme, I made sure I included mentions of the fact that…

1. I understand there are people out there who’d love to take their business online, but feel they don’t have the time to make it happen. And…

2. That my programme would make it easier for them to do that.

People want to feel understood. So by recognising their pain points, and how you can help them – then making this explicit in your emails, blog posts, social media content, conversations – you’re creating an instant connection.

They will read your words, or watch the videos you’re putting out, and think: THIS IS FOR ME.

And that’s exactly what we want them to do.