11. Exercise: Start pitching

It’s time to start pitching. I’d like you to draft three pitches to different publications. This might mean finding a potential home for the PR story you wrote  – and writing the subject line, and addressing it to the editor. Plus pitching to be included in a round-up in another magazine and putting yourself forward for a case study request you find on Twitter.

Or you might like to send your personal story to three different publications. Find the three appropriate editors, address them individually and write a short paragraph including the name of the publication you want to be featured in. Eg. Dear Sarah, I have a story that I think might be of interest to your readers at Stylist online… 

Last tip: it’s always good to get personal. If you’re following these editors and journalists on social media, keep track of their content. If you read an article they’ve written and like it, include a line about this in your pitch. You’ll be rubbing their ego and showing that you are specifically interested in them, their publication and you’re not just pitching on a whim.