10. Getting paid to write articles Copy

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So usually, if you’re interviewed for a feature article, anywhere, you won’t be paid.

The idea being that you’re getting free PR, and the journalist is doing most of the work.

If you write a ‘guest post’ for a blog, you be won’t be paid either.

But if you’re commissioned to write a piece for a newspaper or magazine, any of the bigger ones, you’ll be paid. The rate will vary. More for print, less for just online.

Some better-known blogs will pay, too.

Basically, if the platform is making money, they should be paying you to create content for them.

It doesn’t matter that you’re getting a link to your business in there; it’s still a story or tips piece that will be useful to others.

How much will they pay?

This entirely depends on the publication.

When you pitch your article idea, they’ll come back and say something like: we love the sound of this, could you write 800 words by next Monday and we’ll pay 50p a word, or £300, or whatever they pay.

You then write the piece, and after it’s published, you’ll be paid.

Usually you invoice (you can do this right after submitting it), and payment will follow. Often it takes a while, occasionally it appears quickly.

But it’s rather nice when you get a piece published with a link to your business and you get paid for it.