1. Introduction to content

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You need a niche following if you want to sell to them. They need to know who you are and what you’re about. This module is about creating content that shows people exactly that. Then, when you (occasionally) tell them you have an online course – or other product/service they might like – they will be IN.

My introduction to content

Back in 2015, I had this idea. I wanted to create an online magazine for parents who were up early with their kids and were looking for good articles to read – interviews, tips pieces, stories about other parents. So I put together a load of articles, with help from my journalist friends, and launched The Early Hour on 1 September 2015.

Every morning at 5am, I published an article. In the first month, over 15,000 people visited the website. People started sharing the articles. Because I was interviewing so many other people, they would then share the articles on their own Facebook feeds and across social media.

I started The Early Hour with the intention of getting rich from it. But that’s not quite what happened. Instead, I built up a huge virtual portfolio of ‘content’. Articles and interviews that I was writing, editing and giving away to readers. They didn’t have to pay; it was all laid out for them on the website.

As the platform grew, I became frustrated that I wasn’t earning much money from it. I had the odd sponsored post or brand collaboration but not the hundreds of thousands I had in mind. But what I didn’t realise was that The Early Hour was the base from which my entire career would grow.

It led to a book deal.

It helped me to grow a decent and engaged Instagram following.

It meant that when I started selling spaces on my online courses, in spring 2019, I had a ready-made customer base.

Content is important. It needs to be part of your marketing and selling strategy. I’m not suggesting you need to launch a digital magazine and publish daily – in fact, I recommend that you don’t, as it’s incredibly stressful and not necessary; weekly blogs/articles are fine – but that you have a clear plan.

Facebook ads notice

I will say here that if you’re on this course mostly for the Facebook ads strategy, it’s so important to understand that content is part of that. Because by working on your social media posts, and your blog posts, you are growing a community. And then you can sell to them directly through the ads.

Also, you can find people just like your existing – ‘warm’ – audience, and target them with your funnel ads.

Because when you have a base audience – and I’m talking 100+ followers here (though the more, the better – so do keep working on growing it) – you can use them to find new people, just like them, to sell your courses to. That’s what ads are great for. Your following does need to be niche, though.