1. Email marketing overview

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Your mailing list is one of your most valuable assets. You need to nurture your subscribers, and then – occasionally – offer them your product/service via email, in the least annoying way possible. There’s a knack – in terms of language, timing, following up. And an automated system you should have in place.

To go briefly back to the Early Hour, there was something else I did that was accidentally clever, which was to grow a mailing list of 2000+ with very little effort. But what I then did was fairly stupid: I simply sent that mailing list content from the website, with the occasional message from me.

I never monetised it in any way.

As you probably know, the value of a mailing list lies in the fact that you aren’t hoping someone spots your social media post/ad, you are instead landing directly in someone’s email box. So they open their emails and BANG: there’s your email.

But to get them to open your email is something else. To keep reading it is another. And to click through – and potentially buy from you – another. We’ll cover all that in this module. But first, some stats (from this article). Because these will remind you why email marketing matters…

Here’s one more fact for you. Now, this is a hard one to calculate because we all have varying levels of success in terms of selling to our mailing list. But I was recently told that you can expect to sell to 2% of your mailing list per ‘sales’ email.

That might sound low. But let’s say you have 100 people on your list. And you sell to 2%. That’s two people who will likely purchase from you, if your email game is strong.

Again, two people may not sound that many but what if you’re selling something that’s worth £300? That’s £600 from one email and with only 100 people on your list. In this module, I’ll share how you get that list growing and what you should write in your emails.

It’s also been said that for each subscriber on your email list, you can earn £1 a month. Again, that doesn’t sound like much. But with 2000 people on your list? That’s £2000. Just remember: it’s not by virtue of simply having them there that you earn this money; you have to work for it.

Good thing to remember: you may pay a small monthly subscription for Mailchimp, or similar, but actually sending the emails? It’s pretty much FREE. Unlike ads. So it can be a very cost effective marketing tool.