What I want for you

I want you to live until you’re 90
and spend your years gazing up at the sky –
marvelling at the beauty of the setting sun,
transfixed by the movement of the clouds.

I want you to run into the crashing waves
and dip your head under the sea –
to splash and swim when the tide is in
and taste tangy sea salt on your tongue.

I want you to go off on adventures:
climb trees and find secret, hidden paths,
skip through wild flower meadows
and build dens out of branches, twigs and leaves.

I want you to use all your senses
to enhance your experience of this world,
to fill your ears with music and dance freely;
to savour sweet and spicy tastes and scents.

But most of all I want you to be smiling,
as you carve your own, unique path
lined with everything that makes you feel inspired
and awake and alive – and never tired.

By Annie Ridout

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