The Classics…

I’m rather a fan of classical music. Classic FM has been banned by my less-classically-inclined other half from long car journeys, as he thinks the same pieces are just played on repeat. He’s wrong, of course, they just sound the same to his disinterested ears. This interpretation is mirrored by my perception of his beloved dance music – it sounds like one, long cacophony of computer-generated piffle. Though he assures me they are all different tunes.

Due to his aversion to classical music – the kitchen radio is swiftly switched from Classic to 6 Music or Radio 4 (mutual territory) – when my back is turned.

And so the only way I can get classical into our lives is via my piano. My three favourite classical pieces to play are:

Mozart’s Alla Turca:


Mozart’s Sonata in C:


And…. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

He can’t object to me playing the piano – in fact, he actively encourages it – as it’s my *hobby*. But I imagine the scales in Sonata in C must become somewhat tiresome to listen to as I practise them repeatedly. Well – it’s keeping my fingers agile and the sight-reading part of my brain active (and allowing me to force my musical tastes onto an otherwise unwilling participant. I should just remind him that classical music makes you cleverer).

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