Tall Women

Recently I’ve heard a lot of tall women boasting about their height and putting down smaller women for being small. I think it’s a facade, because often tall women are self-conscious about their height. I consider myself to be a tall woman and sometimes feel less feminine because of it. So do my other ‘tall’ friends.

Women shouldn’t be putting down their sisters so I wrote a poem to expose the tall women who put down small women.

The Truth about Tall Women

Tall women tower over
small women,
conscious like
all women:
silhouettes, not
full-bodied beings.

Tall women cower down
with hunched backs
to minimise the
space they take up
you see, that air is owned by men.

But some put on heels to
accentuate their height
to feign a
confidence and smugness:
“I’m a vertical delight”

Though inside they’re deeply
would rather be small and neat
like the small women gathered by their
tall woman’s feet.

by Annie Ridout

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