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Last night I watched Performance – an avant-garde gangster film, set in the 60s, with Mick Jagger, James Fox, Anita Pallenberg and Michèle Breton.

It follows Chas (Fox) who works for east-end gangster Harry Flowers. He’s forced to go into hiding after upsetting Flowers and winds up in a Notting Hill hippie commune – an addition to the existing ménage à trois (Jagger, Pallenberg & Breton). He quickly adapts to the bohemian lifestyle.

Turner (Jagger) – a past-it rock star – owns the grand Notting Hill abode and indulges himself and two female companions in an opulent lifestyle, whilst vaguely writing music, and a book.

He allows Chas into his home, plies him with shrooms, dresses him up and SPOILER ALERT….

…winds up dead in a cupboard, covered in fantastically luminous red paint. Sorry – blood.

The best thing about this film – like all British films made in the 60s – is the accents. But the music, set and costumes are amazing too.


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