montacute house

This morning I went to Montacute House, a National Trust property in south Somerset, near Odcbome, where I lived from 2010-2011. Click here for the website.

The local honey-coloured Ham stone was used to build this beautiful, imposing 16th century mansion.

montacute house

When we arrived this morning, the daffodils were in full bloom:

montacute house daffs

The gardens are sprawling and well-kept, with some trippy Alice in Wonderland-esque hedges:

montacture house trippy hedge

(and a little secret walkway, through the hedge, at the rear of the garden)

We discovered that the lawn is no longer mowed by a gardener, instead – there are robotic lawn mowers neatly cutting the grass, re-charging themselves every so often, and then continuing to mow in a programmed-in triangular shape (video to follow). It was quite surreal. The future – where humans are replaced by robots – juxtaposed with the past: an Elizabethan country house.

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