I’ve got Patti Smith on my mind…

This morning I had a sudden urge to see Patti Smith live. I remembered that she was playing the Troxy in September and tried to book a ticket. Then I remembered it’s November and she’s already played.

I met her a few years ago at Latitude Festival after listening to her poetry recital. It’s the only time in my life I’ve ever been starstruck. I couldn’t speak. But I managed to give her one of my poems before running off and nearly fainting with delight.

This is a song from her new album, Banga, which is amazing – she’s still going strong. It’s called This is the Girl and it’s about Amy Winehouse:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB9KrUR9j5I&w=560&h=315]

And here is one of her poems:

anna of the harbor

by Patti Smith

anna of the harbor
anna full of grace
wrestles the desire
for the dwelling place
of male against male
where thieves gesticulate
and wink handsome
for the sailor lads
with duffle bags
stuffed with lace
Anna embroiders hopes
for marvelous tattoo rump
and sinks in perfumed
dressing gown
as blue-eyed beauties dance
but the men don’t come
for anna of the harbor

anna full of grace
gazing from her favorite place
by the window
by the sea
by the thieves diaryed streets
where men wound and love
and make frank gestures
behind beaded curtains
as beads of sweat
drip and drip down
like a rosary
from unshaven pits
sliding velvet arms
holy ammonia waters
rising like old loves
rushing satin skirts
and anna of the harbor
with an automatic
feminine gesture
powders her dress
swift and expert
where her pantaloons
part like a woman

I could read her words all day long. Check out her blog here and, if you haven’t already, go to your local library (I’m big on libraries at the moment) and take out Just Kids – her autobiography about her love and life with Robert Mapplethorpe.

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