I’ve been dreaming of forgiveness and your
prominent face emerges
I decide to face the urges to
regain a sense of calm. But whilst we
stand and smile sweetly it seems to
me it’s just pretence because we’ll
never be able to forget the
two sides of the fence that we were
standing on each side of looking
over not around –
constantly floating in the air our
feet not on the ground
we found a
mutual key to escape the claustrophobic lives we lead
but our
timing was bad,
we didn’t wait –
we made huge mistakes instead.
I dread to
think of all the people who were
caught up in our web of tangled
lies and misconceptions all the
hungry mouths we fed with juicy
gossip they were thirsty and the
juice began to flow but whilst they
animatedly discussed us,
little did they know that we were
burning up inside whilst looking
pale in our faces –
constantly running and hiding in all
kinds of stupid places there were
people involved who shouldn’t have been and
others who should – but weren’t.
You won’t forgive –
I won’t forget but
I think we’ve both learnt.
Maybe it’s ‘better to forgive and to forget –
than but remember and regret’.

by Annie Ridout

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