Bouchon Fourchette


For our Friday date night, Rich and I went to Bouchon Fourchette on Mare Street. Nestled in between the infamous Dolphin pub, cheap chicken shacks and some other forgettable shops, this French restaurant is one of a few trendy joints popping up along this stretch.

Following an incredibly enthusiastic welcome, we were told to choose where we wanted to sit. You’re not often offered this option on a Friday night – it’s a perk. The previous Friday night we’d been plonked on a shit table in the corner of a Walthamstow restaurant (despite other better-placed two-seaters being available) and spent the night getting up to ask staff to take our orders.

So here, we were off to a good start.

We shared juicy frog legs in a garlic butter sauce to start, using slices of fresh French bread to soak up the juices. For mains I chose chicken roulade on a bed of thinly-sliced potatoes and Rich had a delicious steak with a tangy pepper sauce and hot, crispy frites. We drank a bottle of perfectly chilled white wine.

Though the desserts sounded delicious, we were full, so had an espresso each before heading off into Hackney to meet friends.

Main courses are reasonable at Bouchon Fourchette – £10-£12 – as is wine. The frog leg starter was six quid. For the ambience, lovely staff, delicious food, quick (but not rushed) service – and getting to choose where we sat – I’d give Bouchon Fourchette… 10/10. Some say that nothing’s ever perfect so you should never give a 10/10 – but it was faultless: a perfect meal. So I give it 10.

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