But I wanted a baby

When I was a child, I played with dolls but I wanted my own baby. As a teenager, I babysat other people’s kids but I wanted my own baby. (I nearly had one. But I didn’t). When I was 25, I got married and wanted a baby. But he wasn’t ready, so we waited. I

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Just another manic mother

Look at me! Look at my babe! We’re wonderful, we’re fine! I’m chilled and coping and loving it – I’m relishing every moment. She’s a gem by day, an angel by night – she’s perfect in every way. She never cries, not really – (except when hungry, tired, cold, hot, scared, bored, windy, stuck, hurt).

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Talking poetry with Katy Evans-Bush

The New York-born, Hackney-based poet believes the internet has a lot to offer aspiring writers (published by the Hackney Citizen) Blogger, published poet and self-proclaimed conversationalist Katy Evans-Bush was recently shortlisted for the Orwell Prize 2012. Her blog Baroque in Hackney features critiques, anecdotes and musings, just like many other blogs. So what makes hers

Dele Osunsami – a poet for the facebook generation

An article I wrote for the Hackney Citizen newspaper last week. Dele Osunsami’s gift for poetry was discovered after he started posting his work online. The Hackney Citizen finds out more about the man behind the rhymes…   Revelling in the spring sunshine after weeks of torrential rain, I draped my leather jacket over the

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