I live on a fairly busy road in Clapton. A car drives past my house once every few minutes. Or maybe every few seconds. Now that I’m paying real attention, I’d say it’s one every second. Often, especially at the end of the school day, there will be numerous cars attempting to drive down my

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The Depot

Today I moved to my new office at The Depot. We used a spare end of our oak kitchen surfaces atop some trestles for a desk: The Depot is a gallery, studio/desk/project space and there’s a coffee shop opening soon. Super-excited to have a (drill/saw/angle-grinder-free) creative space to work in – only five minutes from

Sophie Rees – the art of simplicity

Dalston artist, who is to open a new gallery shortly, explains how she composes her vibrant paintings (article written for August print edition of Hackney Citizen newspaper and also published online here). Canvasses bursting with colour adorn the walls of her Ridley Road studio, last month she organised a 50-stall arts and crafts market at

Pain at the Dentist

An article I wrote for the Hackney Citizen – published yesterday. Behind the façade of a dodgy-looking high-street dental surgery on Chatsworth Road – tacky bright yellow shop signs intact – the Alvarado Gallery is currently hosting its first pop-up exhibition. The aptly-named Pain at the Dentist is first in a series of four exhibitions

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Clapton Mosaicist – Jo Thorpe

Below is an article that I wrote for the Hackney Citizen. From Pompei to Hackney – the shapes of things to come Clapton designer Jo Thorpe discusses traditions and trends in mosaics Jo Thorpe has become a name synonymous with mosaic. “Not many artists are doing what I’m doing,” she declares, “it’s for older people

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