Why I shouldn’t have deleted my first ever blog

In 2008, I finished uni, returned to London to live with my parents in their new house and started a blog. It was called ‘Annie Loves’ and it was about … things I loved. I told stories, wrote about feminist issues, music, books I was reading, films I was watching. There were lots of film … Read more

Billionaire Spanx founder Sara Blakely taught me something about pricing

When Sara Blakey launched Spanx (now a billion dollar company), she decided to price her new-to-market pants higher than her competitors. She felt they’d stand out that way, rather than disappearing amongst other cheaper pants. She was offering quality, and wanted this reflected in the price. But she’d also had experience in sales before. She’d … Read more

Work Matters: Lucy Werner, The Wern (PR for small businesses)

“I’m having a tough time personally between both my parents being critically ill and a new baby who is going to be in and out of Great Ormond Street for the next few years. It’s tough to be the “Hype Person” all the time when some days life is really knocking me about,” says Lucy Werner, founder of PR, branding and design agency The Wern…

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