What I can do for you

Writing articles –
I have a print and online journalism MA, and have spent 10+ years writing for local and national newspapers and women’s magazines (including The Guardian, Stylist Magazine, Red Magazine, Riposte, The Telegraph, The Hackney Gazette, The Western Gazette). My areas of expertise are: parenting, mornings, women, business and tech.

Blogging –
Fresh content is a great way to shoot up to the top of Google searches and get new people to your website. I can help you to set up a blog, and write regular posts – one a day, or a week, or a month – to get people talking about you and your business. There’s a reason everyone’s doing it.

Copywriting –
Perhaps you need some copy for your website – to liven up your ‘about’ page, or a newsletter written each week. You might want help writing the text for a digital or print advert. Good copy catches people’s eyes and can be hugely seductive in terms of sales. Whatever it is, I can write it for you.

Consulting –
I love sharing my hard-earned knowledge on digital publishing, creating content, SEO, blogging, setting up a business, juggling parenting and work, social media, securing freelance work – in journalism, and in other fields, too. Most importantly, I can tell you how to make sales/money. And we all need a bit of that.

Brand collaborations –
My own work almost always focuses on women, and often mums. So I’ve learned what topics will spark debate. If you’re selling to women – with or without kids – I can help you with your branding. Or we can collaborate via The Early Hour. Perhaps you’d benefit from advice on developing a voice on Instagram – the fastest growing social media site.

PR –
The best person to promote your business is usually YOU. So I can develop a package for you with press contacts, teaching you how and when to contact editors, and how to develop lasting relationships with journalists. (As both a journalist and an editor, I know a thing or two about this). You’ll have all the tools for securing really good coverage yourself. Or you can join my online ‘DIY’ PR  course (the first month sold out in two days, there may still be spaces in the May and June courses).

Public speaking
I spoke at Stylist Live on the Morning Routines of Successful Women, alongside celebrity chef Jasmine Hemsley and Propercorn founder Cassandra Stavrou, in front of a 300-strong audience. Also, at a Hive Collective talk on balancing work and life, and at Cuckooz Nest co-working space, about being a freelance mum. I love doing talks and leading workshops – on parenting, women’s issues, freelancing.

Short films –
My husband is a filmmaker and I’m a journalist. Together, we make short films highlighting social issues (most recently, we were commissioned by Metro to produce a short film and article on elderly people and loneliness – you can find it in my ‘portfolio’). We’re also able to make short, snappy promotional films for businesses, freelancers and charities.

What I charge:

If you are unemployed, on a low income or receiving benefits, please contact me as I can offer a discounted rate. 

£200 an hour (I can write a 300-word blog in an hour, or put together an email PR pitch and contacts for 5 publications in your industry).

£600 for half a day (We can get a lot of brainstorming done in four hours of consultancy. You’ll come away with direction, contacts, ideas, innovative ways of making money from your business or freelance work – and a new energy for it all).

£1000 for a full day (I could write the copy for your new website. Or set up a blog for you, write a couple of posts and schedule all the social media to promote it over a week. Or develop a PR package so that you can secure coverage in the nationals).

Email me here: annie [at] annieridout [dot] com.

Or find me on Instagram: @annieridout and Twitter: @annieridout