The Weekend Workshop (for women whose kids are struggling)

This workshop is for women whose children are struggling. We hold a lot, as mothers, and the additional weight of a child who is having a hard time can make us feel like we might crumble. So I am holding space, as a qualified and experienced life coach, for those women who need to be held themselves. This is a 90-minute live online coaching workshop on Saturday 13th July at 10.30am.

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I have three children (aged 10, 7 and 4) and my middle boy is currently unable to go to school. I’m open-minded about this and ready to flex my home-life and career so that I can accommodate his needs. But sometimes, it feels hard.

There are millions of others in the same position. Feeling as if they’re hiding at home, being called names by people who hold power, maybe feeling some shame and almost certainly feeling frustrated at how shit the system is, at times.

In this workshop, I will be giving other women whose children are having a hard time, and/or are unable to attend school, the time and space to think about how this is for them. Also, to set their own personal goals.

We will look at your current situation, what you were hoping it would look like, the hard things, the hopeful parts. We will envisage a future that feels good: for you, and your child. Hope, I’m realising, is everything.

I’m running this workshop live so that we can gather in solidarity and as a community but there will be no pressure to share any private details or to speak in front of the group.

Instead, I’ll be offering journal prompts and at the same time – but from the privacy of our homes – we will write down our personal experiences. Getting our thoughts onto paper can be incredibly therapeutic.

Halfway through the session, I’ll open up the space for discussion. Anyone who would like to share, can. Anyone who would like to leave at that point, or stay and listen, can do that.

The details

  • A 90-minute workshop.
  • Brief intro: who I am, our current situation.
  • Around 45 minutes spent responding to coaching questions and prompts.
  • Around 40 minutes to share, ask questions and connect.
  • Held on Zoom.
  • Date: Saturday 13th July.
  • Time: 10.30am (UK-time) until midday.

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Annie Ridout.

I’m a journalist, author, poet, coach and entrepreneur.


I’m a trained and experienced life coach and I’ve worked with thousands of women over the past few years, through online courses, one-to-one and group coaching. I’ve loved watching them transform from feeling unsure (but ready for change) to flying. Big things can happen when you feel seen, heard and encouraged. I can be that person for you.

As a coach, I’ve been featured in Psychologies, the Independent, Women’s Health, Femail and Forbes, as well as dozens of podcasts.


My non-fiction books all have a golden thread of ‘hope’ running through them.

My first book, The Freelance Mum (Fourth Estate, 2019), is a guide to freelancing while raising young children. I have three of my own children – now aged 10, seven and four – and fully understand the challenges that may arise when you’re working and have parenting responsibilities, too.

Next, I wrote Shy (Fourth Estate, 2021), which reframes shyness as an attribute, rather than a flaw. I studied huge research papers and interviewed dozens of psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as successful shy people, to prove that shyness is not something you need to overcome.

And my latest book is called Raise your SQ: How the power of spiritual intelligence can change your life in seven days (Radar, 2023). It’s all about finding more meaning, focus, connection and magic in your life. It’s packed with coaching exercises, as well as rituals and practices you can try at home.


As a journalist, I’ve written for the Guardian, the Observer, Forbes, Grazia, Red Magazine, Stylist, Metro, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Evening Standard, Refinery29, You Magazine, Women’s Health, iNews and more. My articles are on womanhood, motherhood, being a working mum, shyness and how to build your confidence.


Lastly, I have a popular and growing Substack with 7000+ subscribers. On Substack, I publish personal essays, self-development tools and business tips that will get you thinking and doing. And off the back of this, I was delighted to be named as one of Substack’s ‘Featured Publications’ for 2023.

You can read more about what I share on Substack here.