The Creative Way (to earn a living online)

This is a four-week course that will help you to nail using Instagram creatively so that you feel excited rather than jaded, growing a community on Substack (and adding in the paywall), creating and selling online courses and signing up one-to-one coaching/consultancy clients. It’s about using your creative passion to generate sales. It’s the most empowering way to work. You will be answerable to no one except yourself, fully in charge of your own time and paid as soon as you want to be. I’m living The Creative Way and I’m so excited to teach you how it works. More below…

Start date: Monday 3rd June 2024.



What is The Creative Way?

It’s the business model I’ve developed that means I get to use poetry to help me make a living from essays, online courses and coaching.

For you, it might be photography, baking, gardening, graphic design, illustration, dance – anything that is purely creative and gets you into that wonderful flow-state.

Now, I have full control over my time, how I use my energy, where I seek inspiration, how much I earn, when I work and when I’m paid (instantly).

It has changed my relationship with Instagram in an incredibly positive way – I love it, I’m not leaving, it’s all part of The Creative Way. It’s working for me.

And it allows me to be both the creative and the entrepreneur at the same time. Something I’ve been trying to work out for about five years.

I want to create, freely. I want to earn plenty of money. Now, I’ve developed a business model that shows how the two can not only exist in harmony but actually flow from the same source.

I’m going to teach you a new approach to Instagram, as well as Substack, online courses and one-to-one clients. There is a journey I’ll be taking you on, which will help you to create your own customer journey the creative way.

Your shopfront (on Instagram) will be your art. Your creativity. Whatever it is that brings you joy and doesn’t feel like work. That’s where we begin. And that’s where your ‘customers’ will first meet you.

From there, you’ll create three income sources. One is recurring, one is through doing launches and the third is from signing up one-to-one clients.

I’ll walk you through the process, teach you all the important bits so that you can tailor it to you and your needs/skills/experience.

I’m not promising you will be earning £100k in year one (though this could happen; it did for me) but I am promising that you will be introduced to an innovative and creative new way to work.

This is about building a sustainable business, from home.

It’s for the ambitious, creative women who are ready to work differently: more creativity, longevity and no more burnout.

What’s included:

  • Five online courses (using Instagram creatively, getting started and growing on Substack, launching an online course and selling spaces, getting one-to-one clients, the art of selling) – worth £1000+
  • A bumper workbook to download and work through in your own time – worth £100
  • Weekly emails to keep you on-track and for accountability.
  • Self-paced (no live elements) so you can work on the course materials (text, audio) in your own time.
  • The course is set within four weeks for those who like to stick within a timeframe and have a sense of accountability but it can be worked on beyond those four weeks and around other responsibilities, if you’d prefer.

When do we start?

  • Monday 3rd June 2024.

How long will I have the online course materials?

  • One year from the start date, with the potential to extend, by request.