The Creative Way (to build your confidence)

This online course is for women who’d like to tap into their intuition, feel more confident in themselves, get creative and set exciting goals for the future.

Because the main thing separating those who ‘do’ and those who just think about ‘doing’ is confidence. But the secret is that those who ‘do’ gain confidence in the process.

Through guided meditations, creative journalling and a series of potentially out-of-your-comfort-zone activities, I’m going to get you to re-think your approach to work/life.

Early-bird sale ends: Sunday 23rd June 2024.

Start date: Monday 8th July 2024.

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Annie’s soul is so soothing and just encourages us to think of things differently’ – Holly Tucker, MBE

The Creative Way (to build your confidence) is a different type of confidence course.

I’m going to take you on a journey.

Through guided meditations, creative journalling and coaching exercises.

You will meet versions of yourself that you had forgotten about, as well as versions you’ve never met before.

You will meet past you, present you and future you.

You get to decide how the path unravels.

You get to design your future.

There will be lots of activities designed to unblock, or unleash, your creativity.

Because being creative is good for our mental and physical health.

It enhances our home and work-lives.

And it helps us to connect with others.

I’ll be spooning in a decent dollop of SQ, too (spiritual intelligence: accessing your intuition; a manifesting practice).

And I’ll be sharing confidence tools that I discovered while writing my popular book ‘Shy‘.

This is about looking at what’s working, what’s not, who you’d like to become and how you’re going to step into her shoes.

The approach is one of curiosity, not judgement. And you should come away feeling soothed, refreshed and energised.

‘There is something undeniably persuasive about Annie’s passion for getting women to trust their intuition and explore their curiosities.’ Wylde Moon

How it works:

  • This is a four-week online course.
  • Start date: Monday 8th July 2024.
  • One module released per week, work entirely in your own time, around other commitments/responsibilities (no live elements).
  • A creative journal to download or fill out online.
  • The time commitment? Five minutes a day, chipping away. One hour a week. It’s up to you.
  • You’ll have access to the course materials for one year, so there’s no rush.
  • But sometimes, people like the (four-week) timeframe to work within.
  • When signing up, select ‘email prompts’ and I’ll send you one or two emails a week, during the course, to keep you engaged and on-track.
  • And you can share how you’re getting on, or ask questions, in the Facebook group, if you like. There’s a lovely supportive community over there.
  • Going on holiday in July? Great. This is your excuse to take 1/2-hour for yourself, while you’re away, to do some personal development.
  • Looking after children? They can join in with most of this course.

Course modules:

  1. Meet yourself (three guided meditations to listen to – past, present, future – plus journal prompts).
  2. Becoming the creative (we are all creative. I’m going to help you to unlock your creativity).
  3. Building confidence (exercises to remind you of your brilliance, and decide who you’d like to be, moving forwards).
  4. Stepping out (setting exciting goals and re-introducing yourself to the world).

About me

I’m Annie Ridout. I’m an author, journalist, poet, coach and online entrepreneur. And I have three children (aged nine, seven and four), one of whom is neurodivergent and at home with me full-time, at the moment. I’m simultaneously ambitious with my career and deeply present, as a mother.

As a journalist, I’ve written for the Guardian, Observer, Telegraph, Red, Grazia, Stylist, Metro, ES and more. And as an author and coach, I’ve spoken on BBC Woman’s Hour, the Jeremy Vine Show, Gaby Roslin’s BBC Radio London show, at Stylist Live and on dozens of panels, podcasts and other radio shows.

My non-fiction books have all been about helping people to meet themselves where they’re at, and to move forwards with hope. The first, The Freelance Mum, teaches women how to set up a career around young kids. The second, Shy, is about embracing shyness as an attribute rather than feeling it’s a flaw. And the third, Raise your SQ, is about using spiritual tools and practices to enhance your life.

As a coach (I trained and qualified with the MOE Foundation), I encourage women to reach for their dreams and to believe that they deserve to see them come to fruition. I have been setting my own goals (personal/career) for many years and I’ve seen all of them emerge, like butterflies from the chrysalis, and take their own shape. I love seeing this happen for my clients.

Lastly, I’m a poet. Several of my poems have gone viral on Instagram after being shared by thousands of women around the world, including Paloma Faith and Busy Philipps. So I turned them into prints and books, which sold globally – across Europe, the US, Australia, Canada. I love that we can use social media to get our creative writing out into the world.