Sales: find customers, close the sale, repeat custom

Selling doesn’t have to be awkward. In fact, it can be really fun. In this course, I’ll teach you how to find the right customers, tell them about your products and services in a way that feels comfortable and on-brand, push the sale from ‘maybe’ to SOLD and make them feel keen to come back for more. Over the past few years, I’ve sold thousands of online courses, coaching spaces, I have hundreds of paid subscribers on Substack and I sell my books. Now, I’ll teach you how I do it…

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What will I learn?


1: Your customers

Who are they?

Where do they hang out?

How can you get your message out to them?

We sell through Instagram, Facebook, email newsletters, face-to-face and via word-of-mouth recommendations.

We’ll teach you how to reach the right customers/clients for you and to build an online community.


2: Your message

You’ve found your customers. But how do you tell them about your product without feeling awkward?

We’ll cover:

  • How to write sales copy you’re proud of and that appeals to your customers
  • Moving from ‘look at this’ to ‘buy now’
  • The psychology of selling

3: Closing the sale

You’ve got people who love the look/sound of your product but need some extra persuasion before committing.

There’s a real art to ‘closing the sale’ – get it wrong, and they’re gone.

So we’ll teach you how to artfully move your customer from ‘potential’ to committed and clicking BUY NOW.

4: Repeat custom

It’s so exciting getting your first (and subsequent) customers.

But what’s even better than new customers is old ones, returning.

Once you’ve proven yourself (and your product/service), it’s much easier to welcome back old customers than to find new ones.

We’ll teach you about customer service skills that will help to make this happen.

The details

  • Online course, start as soon as you’re ready
  • Work in your own time
  • Access for one year, so return any time for a recap, within that year
  • Written materials – so it’s easy to scroll back through

Who am I?

I’m Annie Ridout – journalist (GuardianForbesTelegraphRed etc), author (Raise your SQ, The Freelance Mum and Shy) and founder of this online course business.

And I’ve sold over 2000 online courses in the past few years.

Many of the women who’ve signed up to my courses come back for a second, third and even fourth.

I’ve also grown a Substack with 6000 subscribers and 420 of those pay a monthly fee to read my essays.

And I self-published a poetry book that sold out (1000 copies).

Obviously the product matters, but so does the way you sell it.

I’m here to help you find your customers, design messaging that feels good for you and your brand and to build a community of people you can keep selling to.