How to make that dream come true

What one dream would you love to have come true? Getting a book deal, starting a new business, earning £100,000, growing a community of 60,000+, being featured in national press, having your art exhibited? I’ve helped women to do all of these things, and more.

Whatever it is, there’s a simple strategy when it comes to bringing dreams to fruition: get clear on what the dream is, create a plan, challenge any limiting beliefs about why you don’t deserve it, learn the art of persuasion, persevere – even when it feels slow and arduous – see the seed beginning to germinate and watch it bloom into your reality.

As a coach, writer and entrepreneur, I can help you to make it happen. I’ll guide you through the process, and be there, on-hand, for (email) coaching whenever you feel doubt slipping in and need some affirmation.

Course starts Monday 15th April.



Women come to me with a dream, and I help them to make it come true.

I have…

– taught female founders how to create online courses that have earned them £100,000/year.

– helped freelancers/business owners to get featured in the Guardian, Forbes, Stylist, the Daily Mail, Woman’s Hour, Red Magazine and top industry-specific publications.

– helped a hypnotherapy app to grow from 0 subscribers to 60,000.

– worked with a non-fiction author who wanted a book deal with a top five publisher. She got one.

– supported women who want to launch businesses, podcasts, Substacks and so much more beyond.

My own dreams…

When I was starting out in journalism, I met a woman who had set herself the challenge of being commissioned to write for every national newspaper within a year.

She hadn’t trained as a journalist, she just wanted to be one.

I watched as she made it happen.

And then I copied her dream. I set the same goal for myself. And I made it happen, too.

I started to see that there are just two things separating those who are achieving their goals and those who aren’t are:

  1. Self-belief.
  2. Doing it.

I moved onto my next goal: to become a published author.

And within a year, that had happened. In 2019, 4th Estate published my first book, The Freelance Mum.

I decided I wanted to earn £100,000 in a year.

And within a year, that had happened. I launched an online course business and earned £120,000 in year one.

I set the intention of having a second book published, and a third. That happened.

Now, I wanted to move away from online courses and to earn a decent living from writing, full-time.

That happened (I’m a ghostwriter getting regular gigs, I earn a decent monthly income from writing on Substack and my fourth non-fiction book is about to be pitched in an acquisitions meeting).

I have a new dream.

I’ve just set it.

And I’m going to be using my process to make it happen – or at least give it a good go – while teaching you how to make your own dream come true.

We’re doing this in real-time.

Ideas about what I can help you with:

Results are never guaranteed, but together, we’ll give it a bloody good shot.

  • Getting dream press coverage for your business.
  • Getting a non-fiction book deal.
  • Earning a certain amount from your business.
  • Launching an online course for passive income.
  • Becoming a full-time writer.
  • Self-publishing a poetry collection.
  • Starting and growing your own Substack.
  • Some other dream. But just one dream.

The course modules:

  1. Set your intention (and challenge limiting beliefs)
  2. Make a plan
  3. Perseverance and the art of persuasion
  4. Celebrate successes (big and small)

How it works:

  • Sign up now. We start working together on Monday 15th April.
  • If you have a busy schedule, that’s fine: we can work around it, it’s all very flexible.
  • This is a four-week programme.
  • Every Monday, for four weeks, you’ll be sent one module of an online course to work through.
  • Alongside the course materials, I’ll be on-hand, via email, for any questions you might have.
  • Depending on your dream, I might give you access to another of my online courses (for free), if I think it will help you.
  • I’m here to boost you, help you to believe in yourself and your dream, and keep going when things feel tricky.
  • I’ll be supporting you long after the course finishes.

About me

I’m Annie Ridout.

And I’m the author of three non-fiction book: The Freelance Mum, Shy, Raise your SQ.

As a journalist, I’ve written for the Guardian, Observer, the Independent, Telegraph, Red Magazine, Grazia, iPaper, ES, Metro and more.

I launched a grew a successful online course business, turning over £120,000 in year one.

I’m also a trained and experienced life and career coach, a (sometimes viral) poet, I’m on Substack, earning a neat monthly income from sending out personal essays, self-development tools and business tips and I’ve grown a big community, online.

As a coach, I can’t ever guarantee you specific results but I can guarantee that you’ll glow under the light I will shine on you. I’m endlessly curious about people, which is why I became a journalist, and then coach – and you will feel truly listened to, and understood.