Design your dream life (and work towards it)

This online course will help you to focus on what you’d like to do more of (eg. daily rituals, the BIG goals and weekly work tasks), how to break down common barriers that may be holding you back (eg. perfectionism, fear of failure, imposter syndrome) – and a method for planning your time efficiently. I’ll teach you how to start ticking more things off, but not at the expense of your wellbeing. It’s a combination of mindset work and clever time management strategies…

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Whether you have big dreams in mind, or daily rituals you'd like to implement, it can be hard to get started.

Perhaps you're not sure what the priority should be, so instead don't make any changes.

Maybe you don't really know what you want to do. Or feel those dreams are too far out of reach.

There's then the question of what's holding you back; why you're feeling so overwhelmed or lethargic.

And lastly: how should you actually do it; is there an order or routine that would work for you?

If the above resonates, this course is for you.


Module 1: What would you like to be doing?

In this module, there are exercises to help you work out how you'd like to spend your time; what you'd like to be doing more of.

Because as you start to re-allocate the time you have available in your days/weeks/months, it's important that you're making ample time for the things that matters.

We'll look at your work, passions, rituals you can incorporate into your daily life, how you'd like to feel as you move through the days and the BIG DREAMS.

Module 2: What's holding you back?

This could include: perfectionism, imposter syndrome and fear of failure.

We'll break these barriers down, and I'll share methods for working through them.

As well as sharing plenty of anecdotes, because I've experienced these issues too - I still do, sometimes - but I know how to say 'no thanks' and push on through.

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Module 3: A plan for success

Right, you know what you'd like your day-to-day life to look like and you're clear on your longterm goals.

We've worked out what might be holding you back.

But how do you actually make it happen?

In this module, there's a downloadable planner, as well as an online template that you can access.

You'll plan out your days, ensuring there's plenty of time spent on creativity and working towards the big dream(s), as well as necessary work tasks.

We also cover: the importance of deadlines, and what to do when things don't go to plan; when there's an unexpected hiccup.

What women are saying about the course

"I have just finished your course and it made such a difference! Especially with the homeschool/work juggle, I was feeling like I went to bed unfulfilled every night, only having helped everyone else to get their day done. But now I've addressed that and I'm including everything I need to make sure my own needs are in the mix and actually working towards things that I want to achieve, which feels great. It's a brilliant course!" Louise Maydell

"I loved the course, it really got me thinking about the barriers to productivity. The exercises were really helpful and already I'm feeling the benefits. Just that shift in my thinking has completely changed the way I'm creating work! Absolute game changer!" Jo King

"Just done another 30 mins of the course and just starting module 2. After I'd closed my laptop, I felt energised and positive and just wanted to say thanks and well done." Vicky Etheridge

"I did the course in a day (!) and it was the perfect start to my year! Have been using so many of the tips and plan to go back to it soon to re-energise and smash my 2021 goals." Chloe Milne

The three-step productivity process

The three-step process I've outlined above, that the online course follows, will help to help you move from asking 'what do I want to do with my life?' to feeling clear, energised and focused.

As you work through this course, the tips and plans I share will help you to stop procrastinating and starting DOING. By that, I mean getting started and completing projects.

Will I be encouraged to work non-stop?

Absolutely not. In this course, I am NOT going to recommend you work every single second you have available.

Instead, I'm going to teach you how to prioritise the work that is important, and the activities that bring you joy.

This is very much about working cleverly - not more. I'm a massive advocate of caring for yourself to avoid burnout. So this course has been written with this in mind.

I'm not going to promise that you will take this course and become a published author or successful business owner or any other dream you may have; these things take time.

But I am going to promise that you will become clearer on what your focus should be on, then how to acknowledge - and break down - the barriers preventing you from getting started on it.

And there are very practical time-planning exercises so that you will have your days, weeks, months and even years mapped out.

The details


    • Online course, start when you're ready.
    • You'll be given access to exercises, advice, tips - and set tasks. You can access this whenever you like (you don't have to sign in at a particular time). 
    • Course materials in text and audio format.
    • You'll have access to this course for one year, so you can keep dipping in and out, during that period.


Why am I the person to teach it?

Hello, I'm Annie Ridout.

I'm a qualified coach - I trained with the MOE Foundation - and I've had regular coaching and consultancy clients over the past seven years.

The women I coach are often keen to build exciting careers, and to earn good money, but not at the expense of their mental or physical wellbeing.

It's about finding a healthy, sustainable balance.

Alongside coaching, I'm a published author, journalist, poet and entrepreneur.

And a mum to three young kids.

So I looked at my own process for working out what it is I want to do, what's stopping me and how to move forward. And then I designed a three-step productivity process to help other women to work out what they want to be doing more of - and how to make it happen.

Here's some of what I've achieved since having my first baby, seven years ago...

    • Three books published (The Freelance Mum, Shy, Raise your SQ).
    • I've self-published a poetry book, and made a profit on it.
    • Written for the Guardian, Observer, Grazia, Red Magazine, Telegraph, Stylist, Forbes - and more.
    • Been interviewed on Woman's Hour, in the Sunday Times, on the Jeremy Vine show.
    • I launched a digital parenting and lifestyle platform called The Early Hour (that reached 100,000+ parents a month).
    • I've grown an online following on Instagram.
    • And I run this online business.


So, I've ticked off some big personal goals. And created new ones along the way.

But I always make time for 'me', too.

I'm all about helping other women to do the same: work towards their goals at a pace that feels good for them.