Weddings with a baby: a guide

I have a baby and I’ve taken her to two weddings, which makes me a total expert on how to make it work. So I wrote a guide for The Huffington Post. If you have a wedding coming up and would like some top tips, have a read…

This year, I’ve been invited to six weddings. As I completely love dressing up, getting drunk, eating good food and hanging out with my friends, I’m delighted that my summer is being dictated by the nuptials of my nearest and dearest. However, I’m now a mother to nearly one-year-old Joni and this changes things somewhat.

But fortunately for all other parents contemplating a summer of weddings with their beloved – but testing – little dears, I’m two weddings down and basically a total expert on the matter. So, with wedding season in full swing, let me impart my hard-earned wisdom.

Read the full article here.

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