The truth about fathers and postnatal depression

Dads can develop postnatal depression too, though this is often overlooked as we focus on the mother. I interviewed two fathers about their post-birth mental health for Motherland… 

We have all heard about the effect of Postnatal Depression on mums. But what about dads? According to new research carried out by the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and published today, more than one in three new fathers – that is 38 per cent – feel concerned about their mental well-being following the birth of their baby.

With mounting financial pressure, changes to the relationship with their partner, a potentially traumatic birth experience and lack of sleep, thrown in for good measure, the postpartum period can be testing for both parents – with very real mental and physical outcomes.

To shine a light on this widely overlooked issue, we asked men who have been affected to recall their personal experiences…

You can read the full article on dads and postnatal depression here.

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