Super-commuters: a London salary, with lower living costs … and a beach

Three women reveal the benefits and pitfalls of travelling long distances to work, while their partners look after the children… (for Guardian Money)

Nice, France, to London every week

“I pinch myself every time I drive the kids to school on a Friday, when I see the glorious view of the Mediterranean sea from the school gate, before heading off on a hike in the mountains with the dog,” says Kate Simon. She lives in Nice, southern France, with her husband, Antoine, and their two primary school-aged children, and this was exactly the lifestyle they had in mind when they migrated from Buckinghamshire, eight years ago.

To make their dream a reality, Kate had to commit to working Monday to Thursday in London, continuing with her senior marketing role.

“I didn’t decide to be a long-distance commuter,” she says, “it was a byproduct of a move that was designed to provide a different lifestyle for us as a family. My husband and I had good jobs and a lovely life but we found ourselves asking: ‘Is this it?’ – commuting into London, with the stress of rushing home at the end of the day to see the kids, aged four and two, before bedtime.”


To read the rest of this article for Guardian Money (about the Northern Ireland to London commute, as well as Glasgow to London, follow this link.

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