Pillow Talk: How sex changes once you’ve had a baby

Sex after a baby can be tricky: less time, less energy, less inclination. I spoke to the experts about the physical and emotional changes that affect women – and men – post birth and wrote it up for Motherland…

Since giving birth to my now 10-month-old baby, I’ve sometimes wondered how much sex other new mums are having. After all, with the overwhelming tiredness that accompanies a seemingly nocturnal newborn, a new mum’s new body, and the changing dynamics as a family grows from two to three – or more – finding the time and inclination can be tricky. Initially, it felt OK to ask my mum-friends how often they were getting down and dirty – along with what shape their vagina was in, how the stitches were healing and whether their nipples were constantly throbbing – but as the months went by, such questions began to seem, well, intrusive.

So what is normal?

You can read the full article here.

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