What To Do When People Don’t Acknowledge Your Business

I was interviewed for Forbes, about how to make it clear to friends and family that you’re working, even if it doesn’t look like it – a classic freelance issue…

‘Running a business – any business – comes with challenges, obstacles and hurdles to clear. So, the last thing you need is people failing to acknowledge that you’re in business in the first place. Yet, this is the reality for many freelancers and small business owners,’ writes Greta Solomon, for Forbes.

The freelance workforce is predicted to rise to 43% by 2020. So, it’s high time to broaden the conversation around what constitutes commerce. Freelancing doesn’t equate to “free time”. Yet, many freelancers find themselves having to justify their working lifestyle. Especially if they juggle business, children and other commitments. It’s simply a waste of time and mental energy having to prove that scheduling in non-work activities during the day doesn’t mean you’re kicking back and enjoying a work-free life.’

Read the full article on Forbes, by Greta Solomon, here.


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