How to have a green(er) baby

Having a baby is notoriously un-green. I was feeling guilty about my baby-shaped contribution to the end of the world, so I did some research on how to have a green(er) baby for Motherland

When our daughter Joni was a couple of days old, I walked into the nursery to find her lying half-naked on the changing unit with my husband leaning over her – simultaneously reaching for a wipe, tossing a used nappy in the bin and frowning. He turned to me. “They’re not very good for the environment, babies, are they?” He was right, they’re not. According to the Environment Agency, 2.5 billion disposable nappies are sold each year in the UK, accounting for 4 per cent of all household waste and they can take up to 500 years to decompose. Now add to the mix wipes, clothes for a constantly growing baby, washing products and discarded toys.

We all know that the world is grossly over-populated, that more babies mean a greater strain on the earth’s resources and that, frankly, the future is looking bleak. And yet we can’t seem to quell this desire to expand our families…

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