The Freelance Mum: A flexible career guide for better work-life balance

More time with your kids, making the money you know you’re worth and a better work/life balance. No wonder more women than ever are choosing to be become freelance mums…

My book – The Freelance Mum – is now available to pre-order. Here’s the blurb…

In the last decade, 70% more mums have chosen to go freelance. Annie Ridout was one of them. And in her enlightening new book, she shares the tips and tricks that helped her build a better working life around her family.

From choosing a career and launching a website, to getting your name out there and perfecting your brand, to the nitty gritty of childcare options and daily routines, The Freelance Mum is a comprehensive guide to setting out on your own path.

Using her own experience, alongside advice from other mums that make it work, including Arianna Huffington, Scummy Mummies, Carrie-Anne Roberts, Robyn Wilder, Zoe de Pass, Cherry Healey, Sali Hughes and Anna Jones, Annie will show that with hard work and determination, any mother can thrive as a freelancer.

If you’re new to freelancer, thinking of trying it out after having kids or have been freelancing for a while but need a boost – this book is for you.

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