one day

One day

One day I’ll start baking fresh sourdough loaves in the morning and butter two slices for my children’s lunchboxes. I’ll give them a selection of raw organic vegetables when they return from school and at dinnertime they’ll eat all the experimental meals I cook for them. One day I’ll find a daily time slot to sit with each of my children individually and ‘love bomb’ them or ask if they’d like to read to me and they’ll excitedly say yes. One day I’ll have clean cupboards and a sparkling bathroom and dried foods will be stored in glass jars rather than badly ripped plastic packets. And one day I’ll simply accept the messy colourful chaos of life with three children, a cat, a career as a writer, a business, a husband I still love to chat with and a wonderful array of friends. And I’ll stop adding nonsense to my to-do list.