I stopped buying clothes. And now, when I'm doing an event, I don't have to think what new thing should I buy for it Instead, I say what old thing should I put on And it's really freeing up time.

I’ve stopped buying clothes and it’s liberating

Next stop:

The ultimate capsule wardrobe.

One style of top, one style of bottoms.

Multiple copies of each.

Probably all pink.

Take one clean top, one clean pair of trousers and I’m done.

I no longer want to waste my time on my appearance.

I’d prefer to be drinking coffee and chatting to people.

So having a year off buying any clothes at all is incredibly liberating.

I’m saving lots of money but also time.

When I’m going out, or doing an event, I no longer spend time internet shopping.

I just have a peek in my wardrobe and find something (pink and) comfortable to wear.

That’s right for the occasion.

The pressure on women to always be wearing something new is TIRING.

So I’m pushing back.

And it’s not hard.

It’s actually becoming very easy.

But then I never liked shopping anyway.