Having a book published completely elevated my career

On 8th March 2018 (International Women’s Day), I headed to the News Building to meet with Michelle Kane, head of publishing at 4th Estate Books; an innovative imprint under the Harper Collins umbrella.

A few months prior, we’d agreed that a book on how to freelance, as a mum, might work well. That day, I was going in to sign the contract.

We sat with an amazing view over London and I thought: when is someone going to rush in and say “you’ve got it all wrong! We don’t want to publish a book by this woman!”

But they didn’t.

I signed the contract, Michelle signed too and we excitedly took some Boomerang shots to share on Instagram (as you do).

That day felt important.

It was the start of a new arm of my career. I was doing journalism, editing and copywriting – and now I was adding ‘author’ to my bio. I was elated.

After signing, I sat in a coffee shop in Spitalfields and remember feeling very, very happy.

Then I had to write the book. It was stressful at times, but also fun and inspiring. Once submitted and edited, there were various stages to look forward: the cover reveal, seeing it printed, holding the first copy. Then the book launch and seeing my book appear on people’s social media feeds (and bookshelves).

Having a book published changed my career.

It raised my profile as a writer, and helped me to carve out a niche. Off the back of the book, I was able to launch my online courses business, which brings me a good income and allows me to continue writing articles and books.

(The next one, SHY, is out in January 2021. Also published by 4th Estate).

So now I’ve designed a course to help others refine their book idea, write a proposal (using mine as a template), pitch it to agents/publishers, grow a profile in your niche, write the actual book and then market it, alongside the publishers.

At £125, it’s bloody good value. Because if your book proposal is successful, and you get offered a book deal, your advance will be a whole lot more than that – and your life may well be changed, for the better, just like mine was.

Writing non-fiction and getting it published‘ starts 10th February, but you can access it whenever you like and work in your own time. 

Let me know if you have any questions…

Annie x

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