How to get more clients

Perhaps you’d like to sign up a big group of one-to-one coaching or consultancy clients in one go. Or to attract a steady flow throughout the year. You might be a creative, looking to score your next big project. Or an accountant. Or working in tech. Whatever your field, if you’re looking for more clients – this online course will teach you how to make it happen. And if it doesn’t, I’ll refund you… Start date: 6th July


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Secure more one-to-one clients

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I recently signed up 15 one-to-one consultancy clients in one go. At £1200 each, or £1000 if paid in advance. This four-month package meant my work was covered for a while. And it felt so good. If you'd like similar - or a steady flow of one-to-one bookings - I’ll teach you how...

Use this course to secure more clients.

"This is probably the most useful sales advice I've seen in a long time! Nice and crisp and clear, with your own experience to make it real. Thanks!" Jill Hawkins

"I’ve sold nearly 100 spaces on my course. Your weekly nudge on getting tasks done on the Facebook group was all the push I needed. Also, the motivation from all the other women – their drive and passion towards their individual projects was everything! I just didn’t want to fail and you took that burden off me! Your tips and tricks – EPIC! Thank you! Thank you! I feel empowered."  April Laugh

This online course will teach you how to secure more one-to-one clients, whatever your line of work. It is suitable for coaches, consultants, creatives and anyone else who would like more clients. So if you're an expert in your field and would like to teach others what you know? This will help you to set up and launch this service.

It covers:

- Who you are, and what you're offering.

- Who you'd love to be working with; your ideal client.

- Then what package(s) you're going to have available.

- How online courses can act as the perfect stepping stone to your one-to-one work.

- And the logistical and legal side of it all.

And you’ll have access to both my closed group of 550+ freelancers and entrepreneurs, and a group just for this course, where we can keep the conversation focused on client work. And getting more of it. I’ll be there to offer tips and set challenges to push you towards your goals.

"I have just launched my ‘Interior Stylist’ online course week and I’ve already had 14 enrolments so far! I have taken pre-launch enrolments. I’m so thrilled. I’ve incorporated everything that I learnt in Annie’s course and I’m really pleased.." Lucy Gough 

Here’s the course outline

Module 1: Who are you, what do you offer and who do you want?

Firstly, you need to be clear on who you are, and what you’re offering. Because if you’re not, no one else will be. We’ll go through the copy on your website, social media bios and the content you’re putting out to make sure the message is strong and clear. And then look at your ideal client: who would you love to work with, one-to-one?

Module 2: What one-to-one package(s) are you offering?

You might want to take on 10 clients in one go - to free you up from hustling for a couple of months, and enable you to just focus on the actual one-to-one sessions. Or perhaps you’d like three clients a month. Maybe you have rolling availability. This module will help you to get clear on what you want, how to package it up attractively and the logistics. We'll also cover pricing.

Module 3: How an online course can get you clients

Online courses can act as stepping stones to your one-to-one work. I’ll explain how my online courses have led to a whole load of one-to-one clients. I’ve had small groups sign up for email consultancy, a group of 15 business women join for a four-month membership, and on-going one-off sessions. Almost all of them came via my courses.

Module 4: Getting the word out

How do you actually promote your brilliant one-to-one packages?  We’ll cover growing a mailing list and how to tell them about your services through emails, using PR to raise your profile so that everyone wants a piece of you, starting a Facebook group, the basics of Facebook ads and clever use of social media to tell your people about your services without annoying them.

The details

  • This is a four-week online course.
  • It starts 6th July 2020 and one module is released each week for four weeks.
  • There are exercises, advice and tips that you can access whenever you like and work on at your own pace.
  • It costs £299. Sign up just one client, and you'll make this - and more - back.
  • You'll be able to ask course-related questions during the four-week course and get feedback on your weekly exercise via a private group - just for people on this course.
  • You’ll have free access to my closed Facebook* group of 550+ freelancers and entrepreneurs (people who’ve taken a course have access), where you can network, and get exclusive tips and advice.
  • You’ll have ongoing access to this course so you can keep dipping in and out.

"Annie Ridout’s course and very generous feedback [in the Facebook group] is off-the-chart valuable – worth every penny. More in fact."

Sophie Purser, Black Velvet Styling

"This is probably the most useful sales advice I've seen in a long time! Nice and crisp and clear, with your own experience to make it real. Thanks! ."

Jill Hawkins

“My story is in Good Housekeeping Magazine. Wow! I am absolutely over the moon. Thank you Annie, this is a direct result of having taken your PR course, which has undoubtably been one of the best investments in my career I have made so far.”

Josie Buck

Who am I?

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I’m Annie Ridout – author of The Freelance Mum, freelance journalist (inc. Guardian, Forbes, Grazia, Telegraph) and I run this online course business.

I've sold well over a thousand spaces on my online courses, and have done lots of one-to-one business consultancy. I'd love to help you get more one-to-one clients.


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