Module-by-module feedback

If you’ve started a self-paced course, completed a module and then realised you’d quite like some detailed feedback on your homework – to ensure you’re getting it right – you might like this email consultation. You submit your completed homework, I’ll add comments, suggestions and new ideas…




Need a little confidence boost, or some detailed feedback on an exercise you’ve completed? I’m happy to help. This email consultation amounts to an hour – so if you send me your homework, I’ll add lots of notes, comments and ideas, then you can come back with questions until you feel really good about the work you’ve produced (with a bit of help from me).

I love giving feedback. As well as editing your work, if it needs it, and making suggestions – I might also add recommendations for further reading, groups to join or people to follow on social media. If you have any questions about this email consultation, please feel free to get in touch via the ‘contact’ section at the top of the page.


“Annie helped me turn my book proposal into something which has now got me an agent and interest from publishers. Annie’s skill in editing it and crafting it to appeal to people in publishing has been invaluable and totally worth the investment. If you are interested in publishing a non-fiction book, then you need Annie!” Dr Sam Akbar

“I just wanted to say thank you again for refining my waffle into a story that I am truly excited to share with people. For the last few weeks my confidence has had a bit of a wobble but your incredible edits and supportive feedback on my idea have given me the boost I needed to take some real strides towards getting my brand out there. I’m so glad I invested in the module feedback session – such great value for money! I’ll definitely be signing up for more of your courses in the future.” Annabel Stones

“You are so incredibly encouraging. I am grateful for all your comments. I know I would not have got this far without your suggestions for each next step. And the deadline was a helpful motivator too. I’m hoping there may be a possibility of working with you again at some point too…” Susan Kirkcaldy

“Soooooo – good news. I pitched ‘my story’ to BBC and they are looking to feature with testimonials from my clients and a word from me. I’m so excited that I took Annie’s course on PR. My mind is literally LIT right now to share ‘my story’ with the world. It’s given me a confidence boost and it’s also helping me to put a lot of systems together for when the big moment comes.” April Laugh