How to sell spaces on your online course

How to sell spaces on your online course

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This is a clever guide to selling spaces on your online course. It's our perfected strategy and covers all the steps we take to market and sell our courses....

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Use this course to learn how to sell spaces on your online course.

"I loved your course and it was just what I needed to push through my doubts… I’ve made back the course fee in double within the first two days and already planning the next one!"  Natalie Costa


"I’ve sold nearly 100 spaces on my course. Your weekly nudge on getting tasks done on the Facebook group was all the push I needed. Also, the motivation from all the other women – their drive and passion towards their individual projects was everything! I just didn’t want to fail and you took that burden off me! Your tips and tricks – EPIC! Thank you! Thank you! I feel empowered."  April Laugh

This online course will teach you how to sell spaces on your online course. Because it's all good having an amazing course but you need people signing up to make your hard work worthwhile.

It covers the content you should be sharing across your website and social media platforms, Facebook ads and video funnels (explained simply, for those who find it all a bit daunting), setting up an automated email system, as well as using emails as part of your general marketing strategy. Then closing the sale - because this last step is so important - and securing repeat custom. 

And you’ll have access to my closed group for continued support and to get feedback on your ideas from a supportive community of like-minded people. I’ll also be there to offer tips and set challenges to push you towards your goals.

"I have just launched my ‘Interior Stylist’ online course week and I’ve already had 14 enrolments so far! I have taken pre-launch enrolments. I’m so thrilled. I’ve incorporated everything that I learnt in Annie’s course and I’m really pleased.." Lucy Gough 

Here’s the course outline

Module 1: Written and video content

You need a niche following if you want to sell to them. They need to know who you are and what you’re about. This module is about creating content that shows people exactly that. We'll teach you what you should be writing about, and making films about, and what you shouldn't be bothering with. Follow this formula and then, when you (occasionally) tell your followers you have a product or service they might like, they will be IN.

Module 2: Selling on Instagram*, Facebook* ads and video funnels

There are ways to sell to your existing IG followers without annoying them. Here, we share examples and ideas. Also, a brilliant strategy both for using FB ads to sell online courses directly, and to create a video 'funnel'. Basically, people like to know who they’re buying from. This is the perfect way to introduce you and your skills/expertise to your potential customers.

Module 3: Email marketing

Your mailing list is one of your most valuable assets. You need to nurture your subscribers, and then - occasionally - offer them your product/service via email, in the least annoying way possible. There’s a knack - in terms of language, timing, following up. And an automated system you should have in place. Also, we share ideas for what you should include in your regular mailouts.

Module 4: Closing the sale and repeat custom

So you’ve got potential customers. People are interested. They’re DM-ing you, phoning you, emailing you. Now what? You have to close the sale. This is the final step of the process and it’s really important that you get it right. Because if you mess it up, they're gone. We’ll explain what you need to do to close the sale in a non-pushy way.

The details

This is an online course.

  • It starts 18th May 2020 and one module is released each week for four weeks.
  • There are exercises, advice and tips that you can access whenever you like and work on at your own pace.
  • It costs £299.
  • You'll be able to ask course-related questions to our marketing manager**, via a private group - just for people on this course.
  • You’ll have free access to my closed group (people who’ve taken a course have access), where you can network with other freelancers and business owners, and get exclusive tips and advice.
  • You’ll have ongoing access to this course (for a year), so you can keep dipping in and out.

"Annie Ridout’s course and very generous feedback [in the Facebook group] is off-the-chart valuable – worth every penny. More in fact."

Sophie Purser, Black Velvet Styling

“I’ve just done Annie’s amazing first module around online courses and it’s sparked loads of ideas.”

Susie Bould

"I have just completed your online courses training. I have done a few others from other people and it is interesting to note why yours is better, yours are really simple and clear, other people waffle on and I give up on them. I took a lot from it and plan to make an online course straight away."

Fleur Emery

Who am I?

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I’m Annie Ridout – author of The Freelance Mum, freelance journalist (inc. Guardian, Forbes, Grazia, Telegraph) and I run this online course business.

My online courses utilise my knowledge and expertise and are now my main source of income. I'd love to help you turn your skills into a course too.

*We are not affiliated with Facebook or Instagram in any way.

**You are invited to ask questions in the closed Facebook group about strategy relating to the four modules of the course. But we are not offering to proof any copy, or look at attachments.