August 2021 - Annie Ridout


I go running in the countryside in a jumper that says MOTHER across the chest. And I feel awkward about it. Perhaps it’s because motherhood is so ingrained in my life and looks and body and identity that I needn’t brandish it across my chest, too. But I wear it, because it’s grey and I … Read more


I wasn’t one of those kids that wanted a horse. I grew up in London, people didn’t have horses. There was this one girl, though. Maxine. She lived round the corner. And I’m not sure if she actually owned a horse, but she definitely loved them. I think she went horse-riding quite often. She had … Read more


I hear that hands are one of the hardest things to draw. So I keep drawing my hands. I want to nail it. A hand a day, is what was recommended. I don’t manage that. But I do about a hand-a-week.


I like drawing trees. One day, I’ll illustrate a children’s book. There will be quite a few trees. I need to practise drawing people, though.

My feet

I love the beach. Swimming in the sea. Even when it’s really cold. I don’t like the skin on my feet. But I like the shape of them.