The Depot

Today I moved to my new office at The Depot. We used a spare end of our oak kitchen surfaces atop some trestles for a desk: The Depot is a gallery, studio/desk/project space and there’s a coffee shop opening soon. Super-excited to have a (drill/saw/angle-grinder-free) creative space to work in – only five minutes from

The REAL Carnival

Most people think that Notting Hill Carnival is the real carnival (in England) but it’s actually the Guy Fawkes procession that travels through Somerset: The Largest Illuminated Carnival in Europe. We went this weekend to catch the floats in North Petherton… This Charles Dickens float was *amazing*: The best thing about Somerset carnivals is that

Why Active Protests are Important

Lucy Holmes, who has been campaigning (tirelessly) to get the bare boobs taken out of The Sun’s page 3, is making serious progress. Last week she suggested all those in support boycotting The Sun’s major supermarket advertisers: Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco. She just sent out this email to everyone who signed the petition: Just a little

What’s in a name?

An English female friend is getting married next summer to an Italian man and when they came round for dinner recently we were discussing the significance of changing your name after marriage. She’s keen to take his name as she’d like to have the same surname as the children they’re planning on having. He, however,

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Rust and Bone

I wanted to see the newly-released French film Rust and Bone, directed by Jacques Audiard – and inspired by a collection of short stories Canadian author Craig Davidson – because I love Marion Cotillard. And she did not disappoint. After a terrible accident at the aqua centre where she trains killer whales leaves her with

The power of poetry

I’m a firm believer in the power of positive-thinking. But also find that reflection and perspective can be useful; especially in creative work. Having recently read, and re-read, Sharon Olds’ Stag’s Leap (read post here) – I’ve been reminded of the cathartic nature of writing. After a trauma, ordering your thoughts on paper can help

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