Autumn Girl

Desolate land, decorated with fallen leaves. Silence: broken only by the girl – a giggling distraction – amidst the burnt orange, auburn and fluorescent pink. She scoops up a mass of leaves in her arms. She knows they’re dead but they make her feel alive. A gust of wind reclaims the autumn she has stolen.

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A Dream

I dreamt a dream last night in which a stranger took my hand, we flew above the ocean and the mountains and the land. The energy between us kept us soaring through the sky, I was overwhelmed with passion, I had never been so high. I felt we were surrounded by a glowing golden light

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My Central Muscle

blood red lining cupped the heart that was removed – when you cracked my shell and greedily grabbed the centre of my cocoon. The organ that beats – that lives that loves that dances inside me (that weeps when it’s weakened). You’ve stolen my centre – but lifted my wings. I’m agape; so exposed –

Old Man

His wrinkles resemble his years of living loving, learning, recieving, giving. He sits with his head bowed, eyes to the floor; his numbed brain and limbs can’t go on any more. He can’t even cry, ‘cos he can’t remember a single day since last December. He may have loved or even lost but he’s forgotten.

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