Tweet-length film synopses

Working as a copywriter for a film-streaming company means I have to watch a lot of films. There are worse jobs.

Here are Tweet-length (140 character) synopses for six I’ve watched in the past week…


Now is Good

now is good 1

A young, dying woman scrolls a bucket list on her bedroom wall. It includes: shoplifting & having sex. She falls in love. Beautifully shot.







The Look of Love


Set in swinging 60s Soho, documenting Paul Raymond’s porn empire that apparently everyone thought was wonderful. *Skimming the surface*







What Maisie Knew

what maisie knew 1

A child is torn between her divorcing parents – rock star mum & jet-setting dad. Viewed from Maisie’s naïve perspective. Touching and sad.






All Good Things

all good things 1

The rebellious son of a powerful real estate tycoon marries a beautiful working class student. And then kills her. Based on a true story.







The Kids Are All Right

the kids are all right 1

Two lesbian mums raise their son and daughter in a happy home. But then the kids contact their sperm-donor-dad and everything turns to shit.








A girl is murdered. Two investigators (brothers) take on the case, make a BIG mistake and spend the film trying to rectify it. Fairy bleak.






Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

alpha papa 1

Trying to turn a dry, mundane comedy TV series into a blockbuster doesn’t quite work. A couple of one liners – but that’s it for the laughs.

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