Ides of March

Ryan Gosling is super-hot in this American political drama, directed by – and featuring – George Clooney. Adapted from Farragut North, a 2008 play by Beau Willimon (who co-wrote the screen play with Clooney), Ides of March focuses on Stephen Meyers (Gosling) as he steals the show whilst working as the junior campaigner for Democratic presidential candidate Mike Morris (Clooney).

Competition is hot on the heels of Morris, with another Democratic hopeful; Arkansas Senator Ted Pullman, vying for his votes. But Stephen Meyers’ impressive script-writing, teamed with Mike Morris’ oratorical skills, is what seems to be swaying the votes in favour of Morris.

The film follows the campaign at it continues to hot up and at one point a conniving rival campaigner attempts to pull Meyers over to the other side, explaining that if he comes over, he’ll be more likely to wind up working for the future president. Though he declines, Meyers soon realises that he’s got himself into a spot of bother.

There’s an attractive blonde thrown in to shake things up. And shake them up she does.

The ending was blunt, but not entirely unpredictable. Excuse the double negative.

Absorbing and highly enjoyable. So for watchablity (and casting) ***

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