What I can do for you





Writing articles –
I have a print and online journalism MA, and have spent 10+ years writing for local and national newspapers and women’s magazines (including The Guardian, Stylist Magazine, Red Magazine, The Telegraph, The Hackney Gazette, The Western Gazette). My areas of expertise are: parenting, mornings, women, business and tech.

Blogging –
Fresh content is a great way to shoot up to the top of Google searches and get new people to your website. I can help you to set up a blog, and write regular posts – one a day, or a week, or a month – to get people talking about you and your business. There’s a reason everyone’s doing it.

Copywriting –
Perhaps you need some copy for your website – to liven up your ‘about’ page, or a newsletter written each week. You might want help writing the text for a digital or print advert. Good copy catches people’s eyes and can be hugely seductive in terms of sales. Whatever it is, I can write it for you.

Social media –
Together, we can work out a strategy for you and your business. Whether you want to dominate one channel or reach out to people across the social media board – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ – I can help by sourcing beautiful imagery, scheduling interesting posts, responding to comments and engaging with users. This way, your profile will continue to grow…

Short films –
My husband is a filmmaker and I’m a journalist. Together, we make short films highlighting social issues (most recently, we were commissioned by Metro to produce a short film and article on elderly people and loneliness – coming soon to my ‘portfolio’). We’re also able to make short, snappy promotional films for businesses, freelancers and charities.

Consulting –
I love sharing my hard-earned knowledge on digital publishing, creating content, SEO, blogging, setting up a business, juggling parenting and work, social media, securing freelance work – in journalism, and in other fields, too. Most importantly, I can tell you how to make sales/money. And we all need a bit of that.

Brand collaborations –
My own work almost always focuses on women, and often mums. So I’ve learned what topics will spark debate. If you’re selling to women – with or without kids – I can help you with your branding. Or we can collaborate via The Early Hour. Perhaps you’d benefit from advice on developing a voice on Instagram – the fastest growing social media site.

The best person to promote your business is usually YOU. So I can develop a package for you with press contacts, teaching you how and when to contact editors, and how to develop lasting relationships with journalists. (As both a journalist and an editor, I know a thing or two about this). You’ll have all the tools for securing really good coverage yourself.

What I charge:

£75 an hour (I can write a 300-word blog in an hour, or put together an email PR pitch and contacts for 5 publications in your industry).

£275 for half a day (We can get a lot of brainstorming done in four hours of consultancy. You’ll come away with direction, contacts, ideas, innovative ways of making money from your business or freelance work – and a new energy for it all).

£500 for a full day (I could write the copy for your new website. Or set up a blog for you, write a couple of posts and schedule all the social media to promote it over a week. Or develop a PR package so that you can secure coverage in the nationals).